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Advanced Diver Course

Advanced open water diver course

216 USD 324 USD

Advanced Diver Course:

This course is the second level of diving in the PADI system, and its program is five dives in the open sea, and each of these dives includes activities different from the other, but there are two types of dives that are mandatory for the trainee, and the other three dives are optional .

Compulsory dives are as follows:

Deep diving - navigation using a compass.

The optional dives are a choice according to the trainee’s desire, that is, three of the following dives:

Night diving _ search and recovery dive _ multi-level diving _ underwater fishing dive _ underwater photography _ height diving _ tide diving _ wreck diving _ boat diving _ buoyancy diving _ cave diving _ under ice diving _ equipment maintenance specialization _ dry suit diving .

Consideration must be given when choosing which dives are most convenient and beneficial.

The advanced diver course is characterized by raising the trainee’s balance of dives in the sea, and gaining distinguished practical experience by tasting five different specialization dives, and I advise each diver to apply for this course immediately after completing a novice diver course.

Note: When you choose the date below, it is not approved until after coordination with the coach, either by visiting the center or calling (0560810339) (0505620679)

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216 USD 324 USD
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