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Rescue Diver Course

Rescue diver course

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This course is the third episode in the series of PADI courses, and this course is the turning point for every diver

This course is an important and definitive step in extending a diver's knowledge and experience beyond the purely recreational level. Rescue divers learn to look beyond themselves to consider the safety of other divers. This course prepares the diver to help avoid problems and, if necessary, manage a diving emergency using several techniques. The course is designed to require hard work but realistic in terms of management, content and direction so that this course encourages divers to experiment and learn to take advantage of their strengths and recognize their limits and keep those points in mind in emergency situations and learn divers to think first about the options available to deal in An emergency situation and then act using their assessment of the best approach to the situation. This course focuses on increasing the diver's safety awareness and developing the diver's abilities to anticipate and avoid problems as well as deal with and manage them while teaching the diver effective rescue techniques and diving first aid skills, preparing the diver to manage divers' emergencies and expanding the diver's knowledge in Preparation for PADI leadership and professional training

Rescue training method

First: Explanation of the five chapters in full

Second: The student reads the book and solves the review of the information at the end of each chapter

Third: The review of information for the student is discussed again in the class until the student is sure of the correctness of his answers

Fourth: The test, which consists of 50 questions

Fifth: Watching the skills of the course through the video of the rescue course

Sixth: Explanation of rescue skills theoretically in the classroom

Seventh: Training the student in swimming pool rescue skills, which consist of five self-rescue skills and ten skills for saving others

Eighth: Applying the five and ten lifesaving skills at sea with two rescue positions

Note: When you choose the date below, it is not approved until after coordination with the coach, either by visiting the center or calling (0560810339) (0505620679)

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405 USD 540 USD
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