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Beginner Diver Course

Open water diver course

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Share the fun and adventure with us!

The course duration is 6 days divided into theory, swimming pool and sea

The course includes the following:

The license is internationally accredited by PADI.

(The site is Yanbu)

Open water diver course (beginner diver)

It is the first step in the world of diving

Receive an electronic book, send it to the e-mail or a paper book (according to availability)

Then a date for the session will be agreed upon, which will be as follows:

First, the theoretical lessons

These are theoretical lessons and solving exercises at the end of each of its five chapters.

Theoretical lessons on valuable information

Second: confined water exercises (swimming pool)

in the pool . . The trainer will apply several exercises in front of the trainee and then ask him to re-apply them.

Third and final: open water exercises (sea)

It consists of four dives in (open water) the sea.

The course includes all equipment during the course

After completing the marine dives, the trainee will have completed all the practical requirements of the course, and will therefore be eligible to obtain a diving license.

Which will be sent to your email

The trainee is also given a certificate stating that he joined the diving course (you can request a paper certificate from the options below)


1- Find a swimming pool

2- fit healthy

3- Less than 10 years old

Divers 10-14 years old earn the Junior Open Water Diver qualification


1- Bring a copy of the national ID, residence permit or passport.

2- Bring two personal photos.

3- It is recommended that you join this course with some friends or relatives, as the course with them will be more fun, exciting and beneficial. . As well as long-lasting memories.

4- When you pass the first level (open water diver), it is recommended that you join the second level (advanced diver) as soon as possible, as the soul is still in its prime, and the exercises are still firmly in the mind. . Note that 90% of the (Advance Diver) course is practical at sea.

Note: When you choose the date below, it is not approved until after coordination with the coach, either by visiting the center or by WhatsApp (0560810339)

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432 USD 486 USD
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